Monday, April 6, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

It has been very uncooperative weather here, for anyone wanting to be outside.
One day it’s nice and in the sixties and the next like today, freeze warnings, rain and wind.
But I did have a chance get in some sketching.

Everything is still pretty grey, with a few glimmers of yellow ochre and chromium oxide green on the ground. The trees are still basic stick skeletons, but still interesting.
The first couple I concentrated on the trees and the cast shadows, but the linear elements seemed to dominate the composition. The later pieces I just went for masses, trying to keep the brush work down and make simple statements.

I agonized over what Pochade's to post, there is some good, and some bad and a few butt ugly ones. But for me it isn't about finished looking pieces but exploring the medium.

7x9, Oil painting on panel
9x12, Oil painting on panel
8x10, Oil painting on panel

Thanks for looking, enjoy... Jim.