Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sycamore on Frozen Lake

With cabin fever setting in, and a small break in the weather, we needed a hike at Murphysboro Lake State Park. Even though most of the snow was gone many of the park roads were still closed, I am guessing until things thaw out from our big freeze.

“A lot of people like snow. 
I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”
                                                                           - Carl Reiner

There are several large sycamores on the lake that are very unique in their appearance. With the variations of white, brown and gray on the bark and the enormous reach of the branches they are majestic trees towering along the shoreline. Against the cold winter sky and frozen lake this tree really was the perfect subject.
Hopefully I captured some of her majesty between shivers.

I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines.
                                                                                  -  Henry David Thoreau 

Detail - Sycamore on Frozen lake - Oil on panel
Original full painting  9"x 12"

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