Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cigar Box – Paint Box

How to make a simple paintbox.

With the spring plein-air fever just around the corner, I thought you might enjoy seeing a simple set up by one of the best impressionist landscape painters around, Karl Dempwolf.

Karl Dempwolf  Cliff Dewllers  36x36
 Dempwolf has been a professional artist since the early sixties, like many California landscape painters his influences are the early California plein-air painters, Payne, Wendt, Hassam, and Twactman. I know you’ve heard that claim over and over in every landscape plein-air painter’s bios. But with Karl Dempwolf one can not escape the comparison; his work can easily hang beside these artists, with a style that is completely his own. I actually see a lot of Cezanne in his work. Anyway see his site, and follow the links, Events/Info to Hints/Cigarbox to see his complete instructions for a simple paint set up. 

For those that are interested in building their own Pochade Box, hit my link in the side bar or here. There you’ll find some easy and simple instructions for the Serrett Box. Most importantly, it can be easily built without a shop full of equipment. The material cost on this Pochade box was only $22.09 US. 

I am always fascinated in seeing other artists versions of Pochade Boxes based on my Pochade Box Plans. It has been interesting to see their innovations and design ideas and correspond with so many creative people. Check out Jeremy Sam’s new box and some of his tweaks on the basic design. Great job.

Enjoy Jim