Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pochade Box Plans 2.0

I wanted to post a couple of interesting Pochade kits by other artists.

Georgie Rey - Pochade Kit - Mauritius

Georgie Rey is an artist living in Mauritus, a island nation off the southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Georgie not only built her kit but even had to have the bungee fabricated, I find her ingenuity and resourcefulness inspirational.

“I modified it a bit by making it deeper (for paints). I also added a removable perspex palette with corks stuck in the corners so that the wet palette doesn't touch the painting when I close the box. I use a light tripod. All this goes in my rucksack. I squeeze my paint out onto my palette before going so as not to carry heavy tubes of paint.”
Link to her Pochade Box post

“I like being outdoors in wild places, walking and looking! When I see an interesting place I like to paint there with my Pochade box and my oils doing paintings which come from my emotional reaction to the spirit of the place.”
--- Georgie Rey

Christopher Clark has produced a excellent artist box that has all the amenities, paint storage, hand palette and wet panel carrier. Christopher has created a video on the details of his Pochade Box as he takes it for its inaugural test drive and posted the plans for this kit on his site.
Take some time and look around his site; this is a energetic artist with many ideas.

“I love capturing the drama of an everyday moment that could have happened down the street from my house, or on the shore of a vast foreign continent. I try to make each one of my works a living memory to share with others. Pouring these stories into a single painting is both exhilarating and heartbreaking. But I guess that’s what happens when you open yourself up to the world.” – Christopher Clark

Scott Ruthven is a artist living in Colorado, USA. I had to post this kit even though the only resemblance to a Serrett Box is that there is a bungee in there somewhere. This is a beautifully crafted kit with some great little innovations. The wet panel carrier in the lid and mechanics of how the painting panel is removable are just great ideas. You can read about Scott's kit on his Blog here and watch the video here.

“Painting en plein air forces quick decisions and makes me paint instead of over-thinking everything.  When I decided to paint outside in earnest, I researched Pochade box options and decided I could make my own, custom box....a downside of having to be creative in every aspect of my life.  Although it took longer to make and cost more than I thought, I have a nice kit for oil painting outdoors.

Check out Scott’s video highlighting the functions of his Pochade Box.

“I have been amazed by the natural world my entire life.  As a teenager, I realized that I saw the world differently than most.  Sadly, many people live fast paced lives with blinders on that preclude them from really seeing the beauty all around.  I on the other hand, am constantly exploring and discovering.  I walk the back streets, hike deep into the wilderness, drive through old, forgotten towns....anything to connect with the authentic experience of life.  I truly believe life is about the journey, not the destination.”
---- Scott Ruthven

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