Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cancun Sketches

Cancun Souvenirs

Sketching on the beach in eighty degree sunshine, well; just pure heaven. Coming back to the states, one cold reality after another, one Arctic blast after another, Polar Vortex is the new word of the day. Lucky I have my Cancun memories and souvenirs to keep me warm.

It's easy to spend all day on the beach watching the waves. I spent much time just sketching and observing the dynamics of their action. There is a complexity to the energy in waves, add the play of light across them and they become one mesmerizing subject. Throw in a few cerveza, a nice lounger next to a palapa and stay all day…… Oh yea and sketch too…

Any meaningful work of art comes from observation and interpretation, which is ability to slow down and truly digest the beauty of nature around you and to express it visually in a personal way. Collecting memories, images and impressions with a sketchbook and watercolors can become inspiration and source material for later studio work. But if nothing else you end up with the best souvenirs.

Cancun Sunrise

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