Friday, December 11, 2009

December Pochades

Clouds 7"x9" Oil on canvas panel

I am trying to keep these sketches simple without being too impressionistic.
Just thinking about the arrangement of shapes, natures real colors, and values. I looked for subjects that had good contrast and then look for the different color shifts in the shadows and lights.

These cold days are not the best to be outside paintings but winter gives us such obvious light and shade patterns its hard for a painter to resist.

December Sunset 7"x9" Oil on canvas panel

The sun sets so quickly in these short December days, that the light and shadows change constantly. I intentionally took advantage of this back lit scene
to avoid the changing light. And capture a bit of a winter sun on a cold day.

Big Boy Down 8"x10" Oil on panel

The last big storm here brought down this eighty foot tall Hack berry tree in our back acre. Barely missing our little garden shed. What a loss this tree is but a very interesting design pattern.

Enjoy Jim

Quick Studies

5"x7" Oil on panel
These small five inch by seven inch panels are great formats for field sketches.
They really help simplify the forms and keep me from getting hung up with unnecessary details. Using a #6 filbert brush and just painting the bold patterns and simple shapes.

5"x7" Oil on Panel

On this small scale a few color masses, can suggest form and structure.
And produce a quick study with an illusion of reality.

Enjoy Jim.