Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Pochade Stimulus

"While there were "only" 345,000 jobs lost last month--as compared to 504,000 in April--the report doesn't account for the upcoming job losses as well as the ripple effect that will result from the GM bankruptcy. Nor does it reflect the severe budget shortfalls states continue to face. It did, however, reveal a continued collapse of wage growth, the highest unemployment rate in 25 years,...." The Nation

While the economy tanks, we artist just move along about the same. We are all starving anyway.
So here is my end of May stimulus plan, “Get out and paint some sketches”.
I went a bit larger with these pieces, up to 9x12 panels. In hopes I would not feel like I was picking at them as I have on some of the smaller ones.

The first piece I approached much as I would a studio piece. I started with a red earth underpainting to establish my sketch. And built color layers on top of it. Certainly a more thought out and planned approach.
The second work I just tried to respond to color and light in an abstract way. Working wet paint into wet paint, alla-prima.
A good sketch is an exploration, it is not so much about a finished work for me but a source and learning experience. Is it not wonderful when you see and feel your self improve? Kind of one of those "eureka" moments that every artist appreciates.
I had a professor that refer to this as "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg", taken from a book of the same title about the creative experience and process.
The crack is the critical mass we arrive at during deep thinking and creative efforts.
Which propels our understanding foreword.
The payoff is a deeper connection with our self and our work.
And certainly a new level for our art and a stimulus for ideas and possible studio pieces
Enjoy, Jim