Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sketching the Landscape

The weather is just perfect for some location painting. Getting out there and doing studies and sketches and building a library of ideas to develop over the winter months into studio paintings. For those of you familiar with my Pochade box you might notice I have added a glass palette with neutral gray backing. I think the patina on the wood palette was getting so dark that I was having problems seeing the darker values. I really miss the wood surface, I just kind of like the feel of it. The gray residue and chunks of paint seem so much more interesting. Maybe when I get some down time I will resurface the wood palette and start again. But for now the gray glass is sure convenient and easier to see the color on with these ageing eyes.

I think my landscapes have evolved into a study and investigation of atmosphere. I want the ariel or atmospheric perspective to carry the viewer throughout the picture. I really feel that to express my response to the landscape I must impress the environment upon the viewer and make them swim within the air. So I have been pushing this idea and incorporating multiple layers of glazing and scumble to achieve that feeling. 

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