Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kinkaid Lake Trail Studies

There is a great series of trails at Kinkaid Lake, the trickling creeks and moss-covered rocks present a nice set of visual challenges. The flowing water creates a variety of hard and soft edges, the light beams breaking through the forest canopy sparkle and shimmer across the water, that all combines to create a pattern of light and movement that has a musical abstract quality.
That is what I hoped to captured in these studies.

Have to say the no-see-ums, and flies were terrible.

Kinkaid Lake Trail -   Length: 15 miles (24 kilometers)

Kinkaid Lake is located in Southern Illinois at the northwestern edge of the Shawnee National Forest just west of Murphysboro. The trail can be started either at the southern end next to the dam or at Johnson Creek Recreation Area off State Route 151.
To reach the dam area, take State route 149 west of Murphysboro for six miles. There is a turnoff to the north just beyond Kinkaid Creek. Follow this gravel road to the parking area by the dam and spillway.

To reach Johnson Creek Recreation Area, continue on Route 149 to the junction of Route 3. Turn north on Route 3 and proceed to State Route 151. Turn north on Route 3 and proceed for four miles to the site entrance. There are three trails to explore separately or together and a couple of waterfalls, but are best in early spring.
The Shawnee Hills Outdoors site has some of the best information you’ll find anywhere on the forest and parks of Southern Illinois, fantastic images and great resources on the area.
This link has a pretty good map.

I would rather teach drawing that my pupils may learn to love nature, than teach the looking at nature that they may learn to draw.
(John Ruskin)