Monday, April 27, 2015

Standing by Peaceful Waters

There are places we all go to escape, places that just let our minds wander freely at ease. Places that become part of our own psyche. For me those places are the lakes we hike and kayak through the seasons. Every time I stand next to a lake at sunset I find a inner calm. I have found peaceful waters.

Water is essential for life and is the major component of our bodies and the earth. It is tied to the spirit and mind of humans, in forms I am sure we may never understand. But we know, we are drawn to it. Be it seaside, lake or stream we have a deep connection to water.

I think that at the bank of every lake and in every sunset there is a story. I always wonder what this place was like 50 years ago, 100 years ago or before mankind found this place, what it was like in it's primitive state, what stories this place could tell? 

John Prine tells a story about an Indian tribe that finds two babies in the woods, they name two lakes after them, Lake Marie and Lake Elizabeth.  He precedes to tell the story of those lakes and the things that happened around them, colored by time and perception as well. Have a listen.

We were standing
Standing by peaceful waters
Standing by peaceful waters
Whoa wah oh wha oh
Whoa wah oh wha oh

John Prine - website

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