Thursday, April 24, 2014

High Water on the Big Muddy River

The Big Muddy River is located in Southern Illinois, flows southwest out of Rend Lake and joins the Mississippi River south of Murphysboro, Illinois. This river has reach major flood stage so often over the last four years I could only guess a number, closing roads and limiting access to the local parks seems almost routine. With the snow melt off and rains this season I expect this not to be the last flood. This sketch was done from the hill side at the Murphysboro Riverside City Park, most of the lower roads were submerged.

When painting landscape studies I want them to be very descriptive of a particular place. I also want them to be a expression of the experience. These Pochade’s are small paintings and it’s easy to get fussy with them. So I am interested in editing the scene down to the essential elements that will make the strongest statement. So that I can hear the Muddy Waters.

High Water on the Big Muddy River, 5 x 7 inches, oil on panel © Jim Serrett
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