Saturday, February 13, 2016

Palapa Party !

I’ve got to tell you, there is no better way to boycott winter than to find a little patch of sand along the Caribbean Sea to occupy and just park it. Watch the sunrise, watch the sunset, cold cerveza and do it all again. Palapa party!

Punta Nizuc Reef Cancun Mexico - I could sit there (or lounge) all day and fill my Moleskine journals with sketches and never run out of things to draw or paint. I have said this a thousand times, so it does seem redundant, but the sea along the Caribbean in Cancun is one of the most beautiful in the world, just amazing. I could paint it forever, exploring and studying the colors, all the deep violets and endless cerulean blues.

There is no better way to recharge than fresh air and fresh scenery. For me to just scribble and doodle in a sketchbook in such a serene place, that is the best of all worlds. I carried a couple of sketchbooks, a 3.5x5.5-inch pocket Moleskine, a 5.5x8.5-inch Strathmore Watercolor Journal and a small watercolor pad. I had my old Winsor & Newton Field Box Set but used mostly a Lukas 1862 Artists Watercolors set, it had a color palette that seemed perfect for the sea and sky. I used a Rotring art pen loaded with Noddlers ink, both of which I really enjoyed drawing with. And of course a couple of Pitt Pens and a clutch pencil.

Of course we had to find Mayan ruins to explore and we snorkeled until my lips cracked. I think my wife is really a mermaid and swims like a fish. What I really appreciate is her patience with me when I am sketching on location, especially in El Rey where she had to combat the giant iguanas.

Just another beautiful sunrise in paradise. 

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